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Our people are the life force of Capital Support Services. We rely on them, and their commitment, to deliver the very best service for our customers.


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About us

Our people are the life force of Capital Support Services. We rely on them, and their commitment, to deliver the very best service for our customers.

We also know that excellent results start with excellent training. Our internships and career training programmes give everyone the opportunity to get a step on the ladder. Then, we give all our team members the opportunity to continually develop their skills.

This ensures that each team member is focussed and works passionately to provide an excellent service to our customers.



  • We will focus on developing strong relationships with our Clients.
  • We will engage with our Clients to accurately determine and understand their needs.
  • We will act with the upmost integrity and maintain the highest professional standards.
  • We will help our staff reach their full potential.
  • We will act responsibly in all that we do.
  • We will be committed to excellence and continuous improvement.
  • We will deliver on all our promises.


Staff ‘wellbeing’ is a key driver in our approach and Capital Support Services encourage our employees to engage and participate in Community Projects. We commit to our employees to provide paid leave to support such CSR initiatives.

  • Employee relations: good practices, training and development opportunities and paying a fair wage (LLW / NLW)
  • Environmental Polices: upholding and committing to our Environment Statement, and ISO 14001
  • Diversity Policies: providing equality for all, in our workforce and all stakeholders
  • Ethical: doing the right thing, maintaining high standards and creating a culture based on trust and transparency. Confident that the businesses we work with adhere to same policy.
  • Community investment: the way we can work with the local community and make a real impact
  • Charitable activities: playing a responsible part in society and giving back to society, fund raising and other types of donation

We engage with our employees to propose a local community groups that they have an interest in, and discuss how we could offer support.


We are accredited to the highest standards

We ensure all of our contracts are compliant with the ISO management systems we hold. As you would expect with an organisation of our quality we hold ISO 9001 for Quality Management, and ISO 14001 for Environmental management systems. We also have Safe Contractor accreditation.

Our latest accreditation is to the Living Wage Foundation:

Katherine Chapman, Director, Living Wage Foundation said:

We’re delighted that Capital Support Services has joined the movement of over 6000 responsible employers across the UK who voluntarily commit to go further than the government minimum to make sure all their staff earn enough to live on.

As part of our on going commitment to Health and Safety and safe systems of work, we use RAMs App Software.

We produce a high standard of hazard identification and risk assessments, and clearly outline our method for safe work. We create expertly written COSHH assessments. Train our Teams on health and safety matters relevant to our work. 

RAMs App is our cloud based solution with support and content written by health and safety experts. We share a huge library of data created to comply with the latest UK health and safety legislation. 

We use Job Logic , Service management software, to plan and manage all reactive and planned services. It contains all Assets for a complete picture of maintenance in your offices. It provides up to date information for you as clients on planned services and schedules

We have Helpdesk support to ensure Clients’ needs are dealt with promptly, and communicated to the right person. Simply click on the green headphone logo.

Communication is key to delivering quality services, everyday; we use Viber to communicate instantly with all team members, securely and encrypted.

Meet Our Team

Photos of the Leaders Team coming soon

“Congratulations for the Capital Support Vertical Team working at White City Place, passing their pathfinder course delivered by Alimak Group Uk Ltd. Being one of the first companies in London, working to a code that goes beyond compliance.
In consistency with this code, Capital Support services consider Safety to BS 6037 as a minimum and working with Alimak Group Ltd have now achieved a 3-year certification for access systems.”

Client based in West London

“Following a major leak occurring within a tenanted demise earlier this year, the response of the Capital team was exceptional. The incident was managed from start to finish with composure and professionalism. We received excellent feedback from the tenant in very unfortunate circumstances. Well done team!”

Luke ButlerBrookfield Properties – Aldgate Tower

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We are Capital

We are Capital

We are Capital

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