All staff undertake training through our bespoke Academy.


How we deliver our training

All the Team undertake training either through our bespoke Academy, outside agencies or using the very experienced and up to date on-line training platform, Ihasco. We endorse an open, innovative approach that positively encourages sharing of ideas and experiences. It is this consistent best practice that delivers great training that is relevant and compliant.

We take into account the diversity of our work team and we deliver the training in different languages to ensure the effective learning for all the Team.


IHASCO Training

Over the past few years we have successfully used Ihasco training platform. It’s an accessible and simple to use on-line learning experience which delivers training effectively everywhere and for everyone in the company. The resources include H&S, Covid-19 awareness, as well as management courses.


Our CSS Academy

Capital Support Services Academy is being expanded and developed to ensure an exceptional level of training is consistently delivered to all the Team. Every member of the CSS team will progress through a wide selection of relevant modules; it will be at the heart of our business and is one of the key ingredients in the culture of our organisation.

The training is delivered in various formats, and accessibility for all is key. The Academy also seeks to recruit local people and offers opportunities for all of the Team, at all levels.


Building our Team for the future

The development and delivery of the Academy will be extended in a partnership of CSS and outside academic institutions. We partner with agencies and universities, who provide specialist training, such as Leadership development, IOSH and Compliance, ensuring all staff access relevant and quality training.

We have commenced our Leadership Development Programme, in liaison with Coventry University (London). This programme will be developed and extended to give our Leaders the opportunity to develop their skills, both professionally and personally.

Our Core Values


Is at the heart of our company. We are continuously moving forward innovating, engaging and improving.


We are honest, open, ethical, genuine and fair. People trust us to adhere our word.


We value everyone and treat stakeholders with dignity and professionalism.


Dedication to perform our duties with distinction and to the best of our abillity. We trive to exceed expectations.

Team Work

We achieve more when we collaborate and all work together. We develop, engage, evolve & grow best talent.